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The perfect pet tag!

Small, compact and durable. The Hoppe Pet tag looks just like a regular but smart name tag!

Upload your pet details to digital

In case someone finds your pet he will be able to know important details about her and about you.
You, of course, will be notified

Even exact location!

In case someone uploads your pet profile you will know about it at that moment, but if he agrees to share a location you will also know exactly where he and your pet are!


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Why Choose Us

No more pet loss!

From today everyone becomes a scanner🕵️📍

📍Hoppa Pet is the most innovative and best way on the market to help with the loss and locating of pets!🐶

Someone finds the pet and touches the phone with the HOPA PET tag on the collar

The owner (you) receive a WhatsApp message that someone has found your pet

To the animal's origin, a digital profile of the animal is opened, where it sees your details (phone, address, vital information of one kind or another, etc.)

The originator can send you and his dog your current location at the touch of a button

Product Features

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